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We believe that the complex and historical meaning of exoticism can only be questioned, deconstructed and reconstructed by working together within an environment of respect. Through this proposal, we encourage participants to perceive the exotic while exoticizing or being exoticized. By performing these two roles, the dynamics of what it means to be exotic can be unravelled, thus, making it possible to reshape what exoticism can mean.

The journey consists of 3 activations: object narrative, exterior inspection and collective installation. In object narrative, participants bring belongings that they considered related to their individual understanding of exoticism. By connecting the objects collectively, they are confronted with these plural perspectives.

After this reflective moment, the exterior inspection is the time to explore the outside, recognizing different or new meanings of exotic in their surroundings. This process is then translated into a visual concept to be materialized in a collective installation that embodies the shared notion of exoticism.